Garfield Goes to Pieces

Garfield Goes to Pieces 1.25

Garfield Goes to Pieces features the adventures of the most famous cat
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Adveractive, Inc.

Garfield Goes to Pieces is a cool jigsaw puzzle featuring the most famous cat in the world. With more than 50 pictures, you will enjoy viewing the popular cat doing its favorite activities: taking its naps, sitting on the couch to watch TV, eating lasagna or playing jokes at the clueless Odie.

The game interface is really eye-catching, its graphics are bright and colorful, and there is a cool music along the game resembling the cartoon. It offers the necessary options to make your gameplay more comfortable, like viewing only the edges, change the background color, arrange the pieces, etc.

Each puzzle has its own difficulty level, the easiest with as little as twelve or fifteen pieces up to an intricate 200-piece puzzle. By clicking on a picture, you will see each puzzle information, like the number of pieces available, a box to activate pieces rotation, along with a brief anecdote of Garfield story.

Garfield Goes to Pieces is suitable for all ages and all levels of expertise since both puzzle fans and casual gamers will find a game according to their own skills.
The game runs really smoothly and its gameplay is fully enjoyable. Garfield Goes to Pieces was developed by Adveractive, and a demo version can be downloaded from their website.

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